Purin by Yentra is a new dawn of hope for people waking up to the importance of healthy living. Our mission of “delivering the promise of absolute purity” is to provide consumers with food products that are pure in the true sense. With our zero tolerance for impurities, we are to help consumers in their struggle to stay at their fittest by getting most of the impurities off their plate.

In the food industry, it is generally assumed that there is no way to completely eliminate impurities; we can only reduce them. But with Purin's Nano AOP formula, the products have significantly less contaminants and impurities, including toxins and pesticide residue, giving it a new lease of life without affecting its taste, or its nutritional values.

Purin's Nano AOP formula helps these products have significantly less contaminations and impurities including toxins and pesticide residues. Your healthy diet never tasted so delicious!


  • Purin products have significantly less pesticide residue, chemical and metallic contaminations, insecticides, and toxins.
  • Purin products have a longer shelf life when compared to non Purin products.
  • Purin products are much fresher, healthier, and easy to digest.
  • Purin products get cooked in 40% less time compared to non Purin products.
  • Purin products take lesser quantities of oil and gas to cook.